Taking Full Advantage Of Aquatic Therapy In Overall Chiropractic Care

Texas Spinal Care of Houston helps patients achieve remarkable results through the use of a wide range of procedures, treatments and methodologies. One unique treatment in particular that has gained in popularity in recent years with regard to quality chiropractic care in Houston is aquatic therapy. The Houston aquatic therapy that achieves high levels of success is routinely administered through one of the regions premier chiropractic care providers. Texas Spinal Care has grown to become a trusted and respected name in the region with regard to effective chiropractic treatment.

Impressive Results Over The Years

Aquatic therapy is often referred to as simply pool therapy. The treatment consists of a variety of exercise programs that are performed in the gentle and cushioning environment of water. From neck pain to lower back pain and upper back pain as well as joint related problems, chiropractic aquatic therapy has achieved impressive results over the years. The concept is simple in that it simply takes advantage of the physical properties of water. A Houston chiropractic care provider can help patients perform a variety of exercises in an impact free environment when using this form of therapy.

Aquatic Therapy (Pool Therapy)

Decreases Soft Tissue Swelling And Joint Swelling

Another important aspect of this popular therapy is that it takes full advantage of hydrostatic pressure as a way to create better joint position awareness and reduced swelling. Hydrostatic pressure is one of the most important elements of aquatic therapy in that it effectively decreases soft tissue swelling and joint swelling. From automobile accidents to arthritic disorders and a host of other conditions, the chiropractic care in Houston that incorporates aquatic therapy can advance healing and reduce pain. Because water effectively reduces gravity, patients benefit greatly from aquatic therapy.

Aquatic Therapy Water Therapy Women

Warm Water Associated With A Typical Aquatics Session

Other benefits associated with Houston aquatic therapy offered by Texas Spinal Care is that warm water associated with a typical aquatics session helps to relax the muscles and to dilate the blood vessels. While aquatic therapy or pool therapy is not for everyone, your chiropractor can help you to determine which therapies and treatments are indeed best for your particular situation. Contact, call or visit this premier provider of Houston aquatic therapies today.