The Benefits Of Manipulation Under Anesthesia (MUA)

The benefits of chiropractic care can be enhanced through the use of manipulation under anesthesia. This procedure can be useful in that the patient is sedated allowing for more control and movement of the spine during various types of manipulation therapy. In addition, anesthesia also serves to relax the muscles, allowing for the chiropractor to break scar adhesions associated with scar tissue. Houston chiropractic care that takes advantage of manipulation under anesthesia has proven to be highly effective. Other benefits of sedating a patient include the elimination of muscle spasms that then allows for greater spinal movement.

Contact Texas Spinal Care For This Noninvasive Medical Procedure

The manipulation under anesthesia Houston chiropractic patients require is routinely made available through Texas Spinal Care. This noninvasive medical procedure has proven effective in treating everything from nerve entrapment to chronic fatigue syndrome and tension headaches as well as herniated discs and bulging discs. In addition, chronic neck pain and persistent back pain as well as muscle pain, inflammation and spasms can all be treated through the use of chiropractic manipulation under anesthesia. Reducing pain and increasing mobility are typical outcomes of this trusted and reliable chiropractic procedure.

manipulation under anesthesia
Texas Spinal Care Chiropractic Houston Offers Real MUA Results

Texas Spinal Care Of Houston Offers Real Results

Performing chiropractic manipulation while a patient is under anesthesia and sedated allows for greater movement of the spine while eliminating the possibility of a patient experiencing pain. Considered a leading Houston chiropractor, Texas Spinal Care offers this treatment along with other quality chiropractic care for patients wishing to achieve improved quality of life and the elimination of pain. From lower back pain to upper back pain and neck pain as well as various types of joint pain, the chiropractic care provider Houston patients have turned to for years is Texas Spinal Care.

Innovative Approach To Spinal Treatment

Contact Texas Spinal Care of Houston to learn more about this innovative and effective treatment intended for a wide range of spinal and joint related conditions. This procedure, as with other Houston chiropractic procedures are considered good noninvasive alternatives to surgery. Patients wishing to avoid the ongoing use of pharmaceuticals and those wishing to avoid surgery may choose to consider this innovative approach to spinal treatment. It is also important to note that most insurance companies consider this form of treatment to be more cost-effective than traditional surgery.