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Texas Spinal Care offers patients a highly effective treatment as a way of dealing with spinal related conditions and injuries that is known as spinal decompression therapy. This treatment is unique in that it is a Houston manual spinal decompression procedure that is non-surgical in nature. This is especially important to consider because non-surgical treatment is considered painless and safe. Most importantly, a noninvasive approach to improving the condition of the spine and its associated nerves corrects underlying structural problems rather than just relieving symptoms. History has shown that a very high percentage of patients have reported remarkable relief from pain and other symptoms using this methodology.

Accu-Spina TSC Spinal Decompression

Manual Spinal Decompression Treatment In Houston

Texas Spinal Care provides outstanding services from a group of Houston chiropractors that understand the finer details of non-invasive approaches to healing discs. Back pain that is the result of ruptured or herniated discs as well as spinal stenosis and sciatica is treatable through manual spinal decompression treatment. This cutting edge treatment using advanced technology effectively removes pressure from discs and pinched nerves resulting in greatly reduced pain and far less discomfort. In most instances, a series of spinal decompression treatments can result in considerable levels of healing and a better quality of life. Multiple treatments typically reshape and stretch disks thus helping these components of the spine to return to a more natural state. Call Texas Spinal Care to learn more.

Improve The Cushion Between Each Vertebrae In The Spine

Over the course of several treatments, discs are gently returned back to their correct and original shape. As disks are gently reshaped, forces are created internally that draw in nutrients and oxygen to further accelerate healing from the inside of the disk. This action also serves to hydrate the discs, ultimately improving their overall condition. By reshaping injured discs, these essential and important components of the overall spinal structure can again function as they were intended. When discs are reshaped and stretched they serve to improve the cushion between each vertebrae in the spine. While the process can take time, the end result is well worth the effort. Contact a Houston chiropractor that understands the finer details of manual spinal decompression by calling or visiting Texas Spinal Care today.

Spinal Decompression Therapy - Inversion Therapy

Enjoy An Overall Better Quality Of Life

While each patient is unique and each case is different, many patients have been able to avoid back surgery for injured discs through the careful and consistent implementation of spinal decompression therapy. Another very important consideration, with regard to the use this type of therapy is that it can negate the necessity for ongoing dependency to painkillers. Quality Houston chiropractic care that specializes in spinal decompression therapy is offered and always made available through Texas Spinal Care. Experience chiropractic services that include spinal decompression, a treatment that helps patients to enjoy an overall better quality of life. From pain management to the alleviation of lower back pain, upper back pain, neck pain, headaches and joint related problems, Texas Spinal Care is always ready to assist.

Prior Spinal Surgery Is Not A Limiting Factor

Manual decompression therapy has proven highly effective in helping patients with a wide variety of conditions and injuries. These include the pain and discomfort associated with degenerative disc conditions as well as herniated discs and a wide range of other less common spinal problems. Patients will also be happy to know that prior spinal surgery is not a limiting factor in most cases with regard to enjoying the benefits of decompression therapy. It is important to note that some patients are not eligible for this type of treatment, that is why it is good to always consult with your Houston chiropractor to determine which therapy and treatment is right for you. From improving conditions associated with ineffective back surgeries to dealing with debilitating back pain, manual decompression therapy has great potential for a wide variety of patients.


Technologically Advanced Decompression Tables

Texas Spinal Care offers 30-minute treatment sessions that consist of carefully and thoughtfully applied decompression therapy that is typically followed by short ice therapy sessions. The procedure is so safe and painless that in some instances patients even choose to nap during the process. Houston decompression therapy that achieves extraordinary results is readily available through this premier chiropractic care center – Texas Spinal Care. Considered a viable and effective alternative to back surgery, decompression type therapy avoids the necessity for injections, pharmaceuticals and invasive surgery. Using technologically advanced decompression tables, Texas Spinal Care can help you achieve your pain elimination goals. In short, spinal decompression therapy Houston patients trust and rely upon for real neck and lower back pain relief is always available when you contact Texas Spinal Care of Houston.